Papers and Publications

ISB, (2006) “Intergovernmental Transfers and policy options” financed by World Bank

Hoxha. A and Dhimitri. J, 2006 “Fiscal Decentralization in SEE Countries, the Case of Albania” Stability Pact.

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Dhimitri, J., (2004) Paper on “Protective structures in Albania” prepared under the regional research project “Measuring the Cost of Protection in Southeast European Countries”. For any further information please visit 

ISB, (2002) Street Working Children in Albania, a rapid assessment survey in Tirana, Shkodra and Vlora, ILO and IPEC, (2002) “Local Budgeting in Albania”, in Local Budgeting in CEE, LGI-Budapest

(2001) A formula for the distribution of the Unconditional Transfer to Local self-governments

Hoxha, A., (2000) “Local Government in EEC&CIS, Descriptive Papers.” Publication of LGI-Budapest

Hoxha, A., (August 1999) Institutional Performance Assessment. Case of Local Governments and their subordinates. Conference Proceedings on Strengthening the local governance and democracy. Organized by Foundation of Cities and Communities. Financed by EC Delegation Tirana.

Hoxha, A., (July 1999) Responsibilities, Authority and Accountability of Autonomous Regional Bodies in Albania. Paper in the Conference Proceedings organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

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Ruli.G(March 1997).“Principles of local taxation”, National Conference “Strengthening of Local Autonomy” ISB publication

Other studies in local government are:

(2002), On Small Business tax

(2002), On property tax

(2002), On local taxes and Fees

Study on the financial transfers system

Study on the performance of the local public services

Study on fiscal decentralization

Study on annual budgeting

More publications

Pilot study on urban land management

Analysis of small business tax and implication of transfer to local governments

Analysis of option for reintroduction of agricultural land tax

Local taxes and Fees Reform, Policy Options and Recommendation for reform.

Hoxha, A., (March 1999) Paper-Barriers of Growth for SMEs in Albania-Economy and Transition magazine Tirana.

ISB/ACIT (December 2002) Free Trade Agreements, first experiences toward the deepness of regional integration

ISB/ACIT (November 2002) Albanian Foreign Trade-Trends and Issues

ISB/ACIT (2002) Foreign Trade Annual Report

Early-Warning Report  (2001) UNDP Albania

Human Development Report (1998), Chapter on the Local Administration Development 1990-1997, UNDP Albania.

Hoxha, A.,  Yaell Duthilleul, et. al (2000).Challenges and reforms in the Education sector: Case of Albania (WB )

Hoxha, A. (June 1998) Risks of Autonomy-Paper in the Conference Proceedings on University Autonomy organized by ISB.

Increasing the Financial Autonomy of the Higher Education Institution in Albania” (2004)
Hoxha, A. (June 1999) Freedom of Information and Good Governance-Paper in the National Conference Proceedings on Freedom of Information, Tirana, Albania

Hoxha, A. and Ruli, G., (Tetor, 2001) Social Business and Social Exclusion in Transition Countries, The case of Albania

Hoxha, A., and Shapo, Zh.,Constitutional Framework Analyses: The Albanian Case, 
paper presented at the conference on Decentralization between Regionalism and Federalism in the Stability Pact Countries of the Western Balkans, 9-10 June 2006, Tirana, Albania