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The Institute for Contemporary Studies (ISB) is an independent non-for-profit institute established in December 1995 offering alternative and independent policy analysis and recommendations.

Economic Growth and Social Development and Rule of Law and Democratic Governance are the main/focal areas of engagement of ISB. EU approximation and integration stands at the fundaments of activities and products of ISB.

ISB operates through a combination of policy development with advocacy and lobbing. We believe that the combination of technical approach with participatory processes of relevant stakeholders in policy development is the crucial factor for success and sustainable results.

Over the years ISB has proved to be a reliable partner to its clients: central and local government agencies, civil society, business community, and international organizations.

Our Aim

Our aim is to promote and support the development of Albania, based on free and functional market economy, consolidated democracy, rule of law, modernization and Europeanization, through engagement in:

  • policy development and implementation
  • institutional and human capacity development
  • encouraging public information and participation

Our Resources

ISB relies on its network of best Albanian professionals, enabling us to offer in short time strong teams of experts able to provide high quality services. Actually we employ 16 full-time staff and more than 120 associated senior and junior consultants with knowledge and experience in all related fields of ISB’s activity.

ISB engages in partnership and/or membership in networks and coalitions with a considerable number of NGOs at the central and local/grass-root level as well as with international think tanks and consulting companies.

Our work is supported through project financing and consulting activities by different donors. Last year, funding for activities of ISB was around Euro 550,000, representing one of largest activity size of similar organizations in the Albania.

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